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Beautiful & Healthier Smile!!!
It is an amazing way to whiter your teeth.
The average results are from 5 to 10 shades whiter 
The results depending on the person teeth.
After the procedure follow a White Diet for 24 hours.

Your smile is important. It's one of the first things people notice when they meet you, and a brighter, whiter smile can help you feel better about yourself and leave a lasting impression.

With our system you will experience no irritation, no sensitivity and no burning – just a brilliant whiter smile at the speed of light! Beaming White products produce amazing results at a fraction of the costs. Our patent-pending whitening gel solution and revolutionary LED light system technologies generate incredible results.

Beaming White ,the fastest and most effective system is now available in a relaxed environment. Whether it's coffee, tobacco, red wine, or just the effects of time that have stained your teeth, system guarantees you a beaming white smile.


It is more effective because the gel has a 16% hydrogen peroxide concentration (the highest concentration in the market. With the tray system the highest you can safely use is 12% hydrogen peroxide. 16% in a mouth tray will cause a lot of gum irritation

It is the number one teeth whitening in France and several other countries in the EU, and it's the leading in UK

I got my teeth whitened here... Great results, great location and friendly staff!! They had an area specifically for the procedure with relaxing music playing in the background. Took about an hour and I saw instant results. The owner is a sweet lady with a thick Brazilian accent.

Comment from Rita F. of Body and Soul: Medical and Holistic Spa 1/1/2014
Dear Amanda, Thank you so much for your appreciation regarding our time and care we had for you.

Our teeth whitening procedure works great for everybody we had over 4000 clients for teeth whitening and 98% were happy with the results and price opportunity they got comparing with other dentist offices. Our product is number one in UK and very well know in European countries.

Couple clients concerns were regarding share the room with another client, technician was not by their side during the time they were under the lights or  their teeth were dark like shads #26 and their expectations were to get close to #2.

We have two chairs in the teeth whitening room it is because we would like to offer the same  opportunity to those that would like have their appointment sooner. It works great once the client is under the light we can take care and prepare the other client the otherwise clients would have to wait a month to come in.

Thank you for the complement regarding my personality and foreign accent. I got my degree as a Nurse and Social Work and I love to help people to be healthier and feel good about their self's.

I am Brazilian and I love to work in both countries, 21 years ago we were invited by an American Corporation to come to work  here. I remember as today before I moved from Brazil to US  I donated everything I had and  brought just 6 languages.

I am proud of myself to be able to bring the trust as a foreign business women and grow professionally.       I am happier for the local community recognition as Channel 7 that choose Body and Soul as #1 Medical and Holistic Spa in Michigan and invited us to be in their annual show called Whole New Year You!

My two amazing kids graduated from U of M and Michigan State and my daughter is getting her Master in Higher Education in Arizona State University.

I am glad and proud to say that both of my kids and I are Healthy have Great Job and Happy Life

Best Regards
Rita Filippini