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Let's take care of our magnificent Body & Soul. 

Rita Filippini and Dr. Brian Young

Would love to assist you in your journey of Healthier and More beautiful You!!! 

Good Quality & Eco-Friendly Skin Care is one aspect of Lasting attractiveness.

Exercise, Fresh Air, Healthy Food & Positive Attitude Towards Life are

Essential for Healthy Lifestyle!  

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Available Mobile Teeth Whitening Service for California Location
Full Body & Breast Thermography, Teeth Whitening & Light Therapy for Anti-Aging, Cell Rejuvenation, Redness Reducer, Skin Balancer, Anti-Acne, Skin Soother, Revitalizer....

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Below Body and Soul  ABC Chanel 7 Video         

Laser Spider Veins Removal  Legs and Facial Area
Brown: Sun Damage and Aging Spots Removal
Body Reshape and Celulite Reduction


with Science, Trust and Results.